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Master Stitch, Inc.

Do you offer apparel?

We have many suppliers for high quality apparel that is made for embroidery. When you purchase our apparel, you save on embroidery. We guarantee embroidery on our apparel.

Can I bring you my own items?

Customer supplied apparel is generally not made for embroidery, therefore we cannot guarantee our work on customer supplied apparel. There is a charge of up to 50% more on this type of apparel vs our apparel. Also a waiver is required that if our machines malfunction, we are not responsible for damage to the apparel. If our machines malfunction on our apparel, we will replace the apparel.

What is Digitizing?

This is the process of turning your design into an embroidery file.

All of our digitizing is done in house.  A quote will be given when we see the design as some designs may require more time.

Who owns the digitized file?

Master Stitch retains ownership of any files that we digitize.

Do you have minimums?

We have a low minimum requirement of only 12 pieces on apparel. You can mix and match different types of apparel.

There is a minimum of 12 pieces on hats.

What sets you apart from other embroidery or screen printing businesses?

We are a full stop shop. We offer embroidery, apparel and screen printing.

We keep up to date on trends, colors and styles.

What type of machines does Master Stitch Use?

Our machines are the same ones used by Disney, Tommy Bahama, LL Bean, Lands End, Nike, New Balance.

What type of files do you need?

We prefer Vector files such as EPS or Adobe Illustrator. Those are the type of files that printers or screen printers use. If you had a company create your logo, they would have those files.

How do I get my logo to you?

You can email it to us or upload it to our website.

How long will it take to process my order?

Once we receive the approval on your logo, it generally takes approximately 3 weeks. If it will be any longer, we will let you know.

Do you have stock designs?

Yes, we have some stock designs. These designs are available at the size they have been digitized for proper sewing. Altering stock designs for another size will incur an adjustment fee.

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