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Master Stitch, Inc.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide our customers with a quality product and service in a timely manner.

  • To be creative, honest and professional at all times.

  • To do our best to build a working relationship with our customers.

Our Credentials

We have been servicing our customers since 2006. Our clientele reaches from Southern Oregon to Florida and in between.

​Some of our customers include:

  • Rogue Disposal & Recycling

  • Motorcycle Superstore

  • Go Kart Hero

  • Quench & Drench

  • The New York Times

  • Asante

  • Central Point Police Department

  • and many more…

The Birth of Master Stitch, Inc.

Master Stitch was born in 2006 in a bedroom in Lois and Bob Malone's home in the Rogue Valley with just one embroidery machine.


 Lois had been working with her husband Bob in his business when he heard about custom embroidery.  Bob suggested that custom embroidery might be something that Lois would be interested in doing.  So she began her research.  The more she researched, the more she liked the idea and thought she might be good at it.

We began researching all types of embroidery machines and decided on the Melco Embroidery System.  We decided to purchase it and get started.  At the time, the company had training centers across the United States, so we went to southern California to be trained on the Melco Embroidery System for several days. We went back home and I focused the next couple of months on how to use the new equipment.


Six months later Lois wanted to learn more about digitizing, so back to Southern California she went.  After two days, the trainer asked her why she was there since she already knew how to digitize.  The next question was “would she like to be a trainer?”.  Her answer was “Yes!”  So she took a test and passed (apparently with flying colors).  She been training on these embroidery machines ever since.

After a couple of years Master Stitch kept growing and eventually had to move to a building downtown.  They continued to grow and in 2014 purchased a building next door.


Master Stitch still continues to grow.  They have added printing and now have Six embroidery machines.

Their goal is to continue growing the business and servicing their wonderful clients.

Digitizing Professionals

Whether you need professional work wear, industrial wear or sports team apparel, we are your complete source for all your embroidery and screen printing apparel needs.


We not only do shirts, we can embroider hats, bags, towels and much more.

Master Stitch in Medford Oregon are your Digitizing Professionals for all your embroidery needs.
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